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Our Name

The title of Strength Through Faith Community Center, Inc. (STFCC) is not faith-based, we are a non-denominational organization. Our purpose is not to touch on religious issues but to reach out and enrich the public. The word ‘Faith’ was chosen as word to reflect this organization because it reflects the will and spirit of what builds strong communities. Faith mixed with strength within the community we can help each other to overcome the hurdles that we lack within our society. This title is also a reflection of the personal journey of the organizations’ founder. The Founder has a strong need to emphasize and educate on the critical importance on how communities need to come together and assist each other in any way possible. The title does not only deal with her personal journey but it also reflects on her inner ability to achieve change through the community center.

Our mission

Is to address the social needs that both youth and seniors have in common by engaging them both in intergenerational activities that build trust and dispel prejudices. By bridging the gap between two generations it will promote support, caring, and guidance for our two most vulnerable members of society, the elderly and youth.

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